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[In Stock] DesignerStudio Retro Lights Switches

[In Stock] DesignerStudio Retro Lights Switches

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Switches are sold in packs of 10. Order quantity of 1=10 switches.

DesignerStudio are finally back with a new collaboration product with MARS. Universe — Retro Lights Switches.
This switch is inspired by the MW Retro Lights keycap set. We aim to create a retro vibe for the keyboards, therefore we choose cement gray housings and RGB-color stems for more customizability and fun! (Sadly, we did not include yellow stem in this run. But you can definitely use our Graphite Gold Stem to Frankenstein one!)

When we design the switches, we want something different from our previous products. So, we use modified POM top housing and brand-new material bottom housing. The modified POM top housing will be smoother when typing and have a more rounded sound compared to the regular POM material.  The new material PM2, on the other hand, is mainly blended with POM and UPE, which was never used by any switches before. Our initial attempt was using PA66 with less glass fiber. However, during our pilot test, some reviewers reflected that the bottom-out sound was too sharp. After rounds of modification, we came out with PM2 material which would result in a less sharp and more concentrated sound. The new combination would definitely form a unique typing experience and sound performance. For the stem, we keep on using our G1 stem which was previously used on Graphite Gold Switches and Peach Bloom Switches. You can learn more about it from these sound tests. (Different keyboards and microphones used would result in different sound performance.)


Type: Linear
Top Housing: Modified POM
Bottom Housing: PM2mix of POM and UPE
Stem: G1 long pole stem (mix of POM, UPE, Paraffin, etc.)

Spring: 63.5g 18mm gold-plated spring
Actuation Force: 48g
Bottom-out Force: 63.5g
Actuation distance: 2.0mm ± 0.5mm
Travel Distance: 3.8mm
Pin Mounting: 5-Pin
No factory lube
Contacts: High-quality gold alloy

Switches are currently in stock and ready to ship!

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