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[In Stock] DesignerStudio Taoyao (Peach Bloom) Switches

[In Stock] DesignerStudio Taoyao (Peach Bloom) Switches

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Switches are sold in packs of 10. Order quantity of 1=10 switches.

“The peach tree beams so red, How brilliant are its flowers. 桃之夭夭,灼灼其华。” – Classic of Poetry(诗经) translated by Xu Yuanchong.

Third linear product Taoyao (Peach Bloom) switches from Designer Studio!

The switches uses the same mold as graphite gold switches, but aimed to modify our G1® Stem to address some assembly problems. The key inspiration for the switch was taken from the Chinese classic literature work Classic of Poetry(诗经). The name Taoyao 桃夭 means the peach blossoms are blooming at their best age. We want to share this beautiful message with everyone as spring is coming!

Type: Linear
Housing: Full Nylon housing
Stem: G1® long pole stem (mix of pom, upe, paraffin, etc.)
Spring: 63.5g 18mm gold plated spring
Actuation Force: 48g
Bottom-out Force: 63.5g
Pin Mounting: 5-Pin
Actuation distance: 2.0mm ± 0.5mm
Travel Distance: 3.8mm ± 0.5mm
No factory lube
Manufacturer: JWK

Switches are currently in stock and ready to ship!

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