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Barista Nagare 80 Limited Edition [Raffle]

Barista Nagare 80 Limited Edition [Raffle]

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Material: Anodized aluminum

Weight: Stainless steel

Plate: PC & aluminum

Case Size: 357.5 x 135 x 37 mm

Front height: 18.5mm ( Tested to be a hight friendly to no palm rest users during or design process.)

Case Angle: 8° Structure: Tower gasket (improved gasket structure, provide a softer response through the shape change of the tapered silicone pad. )

Size: 80%(+13 7u space) WKL

PCB: 1.2mm Flex-cut Hotswap f13 rotary switch

Connection: Type-C f13 rotary switch


Barista Nagare 80 limited edition raffle, you may enter the raffle by the following:

  1. One entry with order containing either Barista Base kit or Barista 40s kit
  2. One entry with order total above 100 (no base kit)
  3. Two entries with order total above 180 (includingbase kit)

         * Cable, deskmats and ecs artisans purchases does not apply into order totals

Raffle will be through google form, announced via discord and payment will be by Shopify checkout link

Raffle date: October 15th 2022 

Raffle units: 2

Raffle form:

This product is not in stock. This board will be sold through raffle sale exclusively.

Note: Orders submitted the raffle can not be cancelled. Raffle winner name, shipping address can not be changed as well.

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